Sep 29, 2023

Futuristic Digital Skratch Tricks For Your Grandma

Published Jul 26, 2003

This DVD is a fun chronicle of the digital DJs birth into the mainstream. Recorded with a strong MTV flair, FDSTFYG (Futuristic Digital Skratch Tricks For Your Grandma) moves at light speed around the world as DJ Roonie G mixes it up on the Pioneer CDJ-1000.
The show opens with a Star Warsesc rolling text welcoming you to the future, then floods the screen with clips of friends and groupies with a little bit of table dancing topping it off. Moving quickly from the Pioneer launch party in New York to dozens of clips of Roonie, DJ Brayks and others operating the CDJ-1000 from trade shows, fashion shows, sporting events, festivals, concerts and mix offs from around the world, it is a fun ride that introduces you to true DJ culture.
Even though Roonie does throw in a clip or two of his family, including up and coming star DJ Skylar G (his daughter) to stay in touch with the ground, this is not like watching home movies. It is a spicy burrito supreme with extra hot sauce directly comparing the CDJ-1000 to a Technics 1200 MK2 and peppering in informative clips on how to mix digital style.
Somewhere close to the end, there are some great tips on scratching and mixing that were brought down to a level that even I could understand. Roonie gives up tricks his grandma taught him with cyborg loop scratch, cyborg cue scratch and cyborg stutter scratch.
This is a non-stop fun look into the new digital scratch world through the eyes of a true DJ genius.
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