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V Moda Crossfader LP Headphone Review

On the DJ zone bench today we have the V Moda Cross Fader LP headphones. When was the last time you owned a pair of headphones that were tested to military standards?

V moda

On the DJ zone bench today we have the V Moda Cross Fader LP headphones. When was the last time you owned a pair of headphones that were tested to military standards? According to Val Kolton, CEO of V Moda, their Cross Fade LP headphones meet and exceed some very impressive military standards. You can't argue with the tests where they have been dropped over 70 times from a height of 6 feet onto concrete.

Normally we do our best to trash a piece of gear to see if it holds up, but could not bring ourselves to wreck these beautiful headphones. It is rare that get to review gear that looks this good, so we are going to work on this review without destroying them.

When we first received these headphones, they were packaged in an exoskeleton case with a zipper on it that gave it a cool, almost alien-like look to it. Upon opening the case, we were faced with two cabling options. One was for smart phones and one to use when you DJ. Both cables are covered with a color coordinated Kevlar mesh. For those who do not know what Kevlar is, it is what they make bulletproof vests out of. They claim that you can bend them over 1 million times in one place without them breaking. They also looked strong enough to pull a car, but we resisted the temptation.

The Cross Fade LP we chose was in red and I must say, it was almost like looking at a Ferrari. Clean lines, beautiful metal accents, and a rich upholstered headband. These headphones are styling like a fine Italian sports car.

On the way through the airport home from Las Vegas, I hung them around my neck and was surprised. It was the first time I have ever been approached by strangers to ask about my headphones. They were mostly curious about who made them and how they sounded. All this because of the look.  

For the DJ, the real test is the sound quality so we took them to the field for tests. Our first event was a school dance and everyone knows at school dances, the music can get extremely loud. The V Moda headphones managed to block out most of the ambient noise including the heavy base, allowing only the rich audio for our mixes.

Next we were off to the club where the DJs were gushing over the headphones when they saw them. After they worked with them for the better part of the night, they didn't want to give them up. Words like "smooth, sleek, and a dream to use" floated around the booth that night.

Comfort wise, they fit well. The over the ear cups had just enough tension to keep unwanted sound out, but not so tight to be uncomfortable. The cabling did not get its tangle on like so many headphone cable do.

One last thing V-Moda offers personalization for the Crossfader LPs. You can purchase them with your logo or brand etched on the metal side plates or you can purchase extra metal side plates in various colors to give them your one of a kind look.


Spending $200 (includes the engraving) on the V Moda headphones may sound like a lot, but if you try them on just once, you will see why they are more than worth the investment. The build, comfort, and don't forget the style that has a coolness factor all of its own, makes it a very affordable treat for any DJ or music enthusiast.