Sep 29, 2023

Review: DJ LORD on the DJM-707

Published Aug 6, 2004

Firstly let me start by saying "this mixer is incredible" as a little brother unit to the 909 so I'd imagine that the 909 will make me piss my clothes (Damn). Anyway, here goes. After intense practicing for the KoolMixx Dj Battle (which I've won the first prelim on May 4th), for the upcoming DMC heat, laying scratches for the two new Public Enemy albums, as well as using it live at Hip/Hop-Drum-Bass raves this mixer can take a beating. With it's punchy sound and powerful EQ's not once have the faders bled or shown signs of static or sound degeneration...nice.

The optical crossfader actually brings out the beast in my scratches.....I love the feel, the sound quality and durability. The hex adjust is cool for scratching but I found it gets too loose for juggling (it bounces back towards the middle rather than staying on the side you smacked it to which causes both decks to be heard instead of the one you're juggling to which equals unclean juggles. To combat this I found a sweet spot in the hex adjustment...not too loose...not too tight. The upfaders although not optical have a nice feel to them as well and really helps with new scratches....a lot of mixers get it half right...they have a nice crossfader but the upfaders either cut too sharp with no fade or fade too much and lacks sharpness...both can hinder routines/performances....but.....The 707 is the exact opposite with nice upfader curve adjustment so you can do fades or hardcore upfader scratches (crabs, stabs, etc) with ease and the reverse switches on cross/upfaders are just icing on the cake. Being that I use the Pioneer EFX-500 in my sets I figured I'd use it with the 707 live at my most recent rave (April 15th...Rimini, Rome)...the results...dope!....the combination was great.....I don't know the extent of the 909 effects but this combination was also powerful. I really appreciated the high volume headphone levels as well...that is essential when cueing at high capacity venues.

In summary:
The Pioneer DJM-707 mixer is awesome. It's a solid battle mixer,
which caters to the professional battle/scratch dj. It gives straight up control to the artist from the clean powerfully equalized sound to the detailed curve adjustments of the faders with NO bullshit.

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