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Omni Sistems HAZER 900 Plus Review

Published Jun 14, 2012
Omni Sistems Hazer 900 Plus
Omni Sistems Hazer 900 Plus

On the DJzone Bench we have the Omni Sistems HAZER 900 Plus

More and more Djs and venues are looking for an alternative to a fog machine to enhance the investment they made in lighting. Enter haze machines. Both a fogger and a haze machine enhance lighting with an airborne reflectant.  But, unlike a fogger that gives you a strong thick burst of smoke-like fog that can be seen, a haze machine produces a light almost invisible haze that hangs in the air and reflects the beams from the lighting.

The Omni Sistems HAZER 900 Plus is the latest result from the Omni Sistem engineers to create the perfect haze machine. The Omni Sistems engineers discovered a couple of common issues as to why a hazer fails. One was when the haze fluid runs out and the pump runs dry it burns up the pump. Another issue was the pressure created by the heating of the haze fluid caused a push-back to the pump, thus placing undue stress on the pump and once again would cause the pump to fail.

With this knowledge, the engineers built into the HAZER 900 Plus a few failsafes over and above what was already in the original HAZER 900. The HAZER 900 Plus has a sensor that will shut down the pump when it discovers the fluid tank is empty and another sensor prevents the pump from sending fluid into the heat chamber until the pressure is gone. This makes sure the pump, which is the only moving part of the HAZER 900 Plus, is taken care of and kept from failing.

Working with the HAZER 900 Plus was a no brainer.  In a matter of minutes we were able to fill an entire gymnasium with a light haze that really set off our lights and made a huge difference.

Our next test was to take the HAZER 900 Plus to a venue that had the latest in life safety equipment. Optical smoke alarms are the number one killers of a party when a DJ uses a fog machine. We were able to operate this unit at a nice setting without tripping any of the life safety devices, even the ones directly above us. Of course we cannot guarantee this to our readers, but it worked for us and with the lights going, the haze made the room look stunning.

Build wise, the HAZER 900 Plus was built to be moved. It has a strong steel structure that does not feel cheap when you pick it up.

The HAZER 900 Plus controller gives you a number of ways to add haze to your event. It can be timed, continuous or you can just press the button on demand. It has a setting to control the output which ranges from a very light to an almost fog-like gush.

If you are looking for a great addition to your lightshow, one that you won’t be afraid of using at a newer venue and can trust to work when you need it, the Omni Sistems HAZER 900 Plus is what you need.

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