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HP-700 Review

Published Dec 31, 2004

A DJ’s headphones are a vital part of their system and as prices drop on electronic components, manufacturers like American DJ are able to produce a quality headphone for the discriminating DJ while keeping them affordable.

We put the HP 700s through a number of tests were extremely satisfied with the results. On the outside the styling of the American DJ Hp 700 headphones is reminiscent of headphones priced twice as much, while keeping their own unique identity. With exchangeable cup pads (you choose leather or velvet) and weighing in at a mere 10.4 oz. Or 295 milligrams they were extremely comfortable to wear all night. It’s nice to have a comfortable pair of headphones, but it does you no good if they can't perform.

Remember, the lower the volume and the clearer the sound the less damaging it is to your valuable ears.

Since the human ear adjusts itself to constant sound levels it is always good to choose a pair of headphones that can give you quality sound at lower volume levels. When I first put the HP 700s on I immediately noticed how much ambient sound was blocked out this helped take the guesswork out of cueing and mixing in an extremely loud venue. Remember, the lower the volume and the clearer the sound the less damaging it is to your valuable ears.

When cueing with my current old phones I have to have the monitor volume cranked close to max. I was hoping such would not have to be the case with the HP 700s. Starting at zero and slowly raising the volume I noticed they were quick to react. At a 1/4 of the volume I am used to I felt like I was wearing a 10 ounce pair of full-range cabinets and sub-woofers on my head. Incredible! They truly were that clear and seemed to produce that much bass.

Compared to my old headphones, which by the way are manufactured by a leading audio company and in their day were top of the line, the HP 700 dispelled all the thoughts that I was going deaf. Affordable to the bedroom jock and classy and clean sounding enough for the distinguishing club DJ, the HP 700s could become standard in DJ systems everywhere.

HP-700 Review-Body

• Comfortable, sturdy high-powered 3500 mW headphones
• Ultra dynamic range with great sounding high and lows
• Flexable housing design allows for double or single ear monitoring; folds up for easy transport
• Input: Mini plug with two screw-on 1/4” stereo adapters
• Includes Headphone bag, right angle 1/4” adapter & straight 1/4” adapter

• Speaker Driver Unit: 57 mm diameter
• Max Power: 3500mW
• Impedance: 64 Ohms
• Frequency Response: 5Hz to 30KHz
• Sensitivity: 107dB (+/-3dB) (S.P.L. at 1 KHz)
• Cord Length: 9 feet/3 meters

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