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DJ Event Planner A Solution To The Clutter

Published Aug 31, 2010


After managing his DJ business for approximately 19 years, Troy Ackerman,  developed the end all of mobile DJ office management software, DJ Event Planner. As a member of the NAME and other various organizations relative to the disc jockey industry, aided by his love of being a DJ and his degree in Computer Science, he developed a program which would enable DJs to have a dynamic, multifaceted solution for their DJ business.

Initially, the design instituted an availability checker, organized data for your music, and had forms for contacts. In the second stage Ackerman created included a search engine called "DJFINDER.com." Simplistic in its beginning, DJ Finder.com allowed people to locate DJ's by just typing in a zip code. Through a well-developed network of DJs, Troy was able to create solutions for managing DJs and their events. Enter the current edition of DJ Event Planner that encompasses ways to accomplish tasks for customer management, employee aids, marketing techniques, “widgets” to enhance a DJ’s website and also a calendar system to record their events and keep them organized. 

DJ Event Planner has multiple servers on which their programs are established in a protected, definitive data center. Utilizing state-of-the art and innovative equipment and security systems, they have become one of the top organizers for DJs to keep track of their varied business appointments and customers. 

The event planner concept is well-touted by DJ's across the country. Testimonies can be seen on their own website attesting to the advantages of using the system. Since we all know, time is of the essence in our busy lives, it not only aids the DJ in better time organization, but the customer also has access. Having this access to the system via a password, customers can check on their dates, their music, and can make changes in their program with ease. Usually an event can host a number of anxiety factors, but with your customers being able to have more control of their own music and selections, it can enhance the event and take away a great deal of stress. 

Some comments on You Tube regarding the planner claims:

"Fantastic software. This will organize your business. As DJs, there are varying degrees of organization, but this system takes care of that. "

"Clients can go and check their dates, etc. which makes them make a participating factor in their planning."

"Clients can go and change their music selections. If a client wants to know what would be an appropriate song for mother/son, father/bride, and there are all sorts of suggestions and samples for them."

DJ Mikey Mike who has various popular You-Tube videos with suggestions for many things to enhance a DJ's business, not only recommends the DJ Event Planner, but he also gives a tutorial on it's easy use. 

For your own website, the program incorporates various forms such as the ability to request information, contact forms, availability checking system, a portal for payments, and a music database. You can fashion the planner to be incorporated into your website with HTML codes that can be pasted into your website scheme. 

The customers of the DJs who use the program can get onto the site via their own access code and are able to determine their music, have the ability to change their tunes, view the timelines and even a guest request system option is available.

As a DJ, you have a vast amount of benefits ranging from a calendar, messaging systems utilizing e-mail, the ability to print out schedules, contacts, and keeping close tabs on your expenses and appointments. 

The system is totally web-based with no software to install with regular backups to ensure safety of maintaining your records without loss. It supports all major browsers with the ability to organize the features to your liking and the ability to export to databased information systems such as Excel, Outlook, XML, CSV, etc. 

DJ Event Planner is a great product and they maintain their product with equally valuable updates also. Many DJ's feel their clients love it and it has taken their business to a new level. The web interface is very user friendly. 

If you don't have a web-based event planning system, get one, and try the DJ Event Planner, as it comes highly recommended. http://www.djeventplanner.com/

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