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ADJ Revo 4 Review

Published Jan 29, 2016
Revo 4R

Disco lives! On the bench today is the ADJ Revo 4 IR. This light can flawlessly reproduce the lighted dancefloor that was popular during the 1978-1982 disco era in vivd color. Our first run in with the ADJ Revo 4 IR  was last year in a quick little clip online and we had to grab one to see what it can do.

The ADJ Revo 4 weighs in at about 10lbs and is basically a steel box with a huge lens on one side. Don't let the simplicity fool you. It packs a punch with some great built-in programs that successfully emulate the lighted dancefloors of the disco age it can create trendy visual wall effects.

For our test, we used the ADJ Revo 4 at a retro disco party and the patrons ate it up. It provided full coverage of the dancefloor and even though you can access all its features via DMX, it works flawlessly in sound active plug in play mode.

There was a couple of minor improvements or upgrades we would like to see in the future in maybe a ADJ Revo 4.2. One would be a way to manipulate the lens so you can correct  keystoning for those times you use it pointed at an angle towards the dancefloor. Maybe make it battery powered? The last thing we would love to see would be a better support for the lens. The first time we picked it up, we accidentally put our hand through the lens opening causing it to dislodge inside the light. It was an easy fix though.

The ADJ Revo 4 is a solid addition to your lighting when you are looking for something unique and a light that will give you good coverage. It's worlds apart from its forefather LED "dot lights".

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