Apr 12, 2024

Behringer EP1500 Power Amplifier

Published Nov 6, 2003

There is a saying in the old Western Movies, "If you want to break a wild horse, you need to ride it hard". Well, the Behringer Europower 1500 Power Amplifier is one wild horse that did not want to be broken.
For over 30+ days the DJzone Labs hammered this amplifier with dozens of tests, most of which we DO NOT recommend anyone try to duplicate because it WILL void your warranty. During the dog days of August the heat was in the 90's outside and the insides of our DJ vans were running even hotter.
There is nothing like doing some boom on the inside of a vehicle that is pushing 120 degrees. For an entire day, one of our vans was rocking out parked in our garage. From there, we took it inside into a basement for a gig. The basement was around 60 degrees and the Europower acclimatized quite nicely and ran the rest of the night without a hitch or a glitch.
The following day it was an outside event with record temps again and other than the unit running what we felt was a little hot, everything else seemed fine. Even though the 1500 is rack mountable, we decided to see if it could survive without a rack to protect it.
For the days following the outside event, we placed the unit in the bed of a pickup truck for 2 weeks. Every where the truck went the un-protected Europower was bounced and slid around on nothing but a piece of cardboard. At the end of that test, we plugged it in for some sweet deep bass running a pair of EV dual 18" subs at 4 ohms for 6 hours.
I feel we put this amp through more than it's paces. It took the lead out of the gate and rode home to the finish line. As with any proud steed, the Behringer's first attempt at a power amp like this, the Europower 1500 seems to have the spirit to carry you through the worst of time giving you a wild ride in the process and refusing to be broken.

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