Sep 27, 2023

EZMin Laser FX and an EZMin Laser RBX Review

Published Aug 31, 2014
EZMin Laser FX

We are not sure where CHAUVET was planning on going with the idea of a rechargeable, battery powered line of lasers, but after working with the EZMin Laser series, we can now see why.

The EZMin Laser series currently includes EZMin Laser FX and an EZMin Laser RBX. Both have unique personalities, patterns and colors. Both run with mostly the same power specs and side by side look the same. For this DJzone Bench, we will just stick with the basics.

On the Bench, we were able to take both units out in the field for some real life testing and came to the conclusion that they are powerful enough for small venue applications in a situation where your dance area is close to your lighting. The coverage is great, but will not knock your socks off like that of their distant cousin the CHAUVET Scorpion Storm.

These are a portable, quick setup laser solution for those times when you need some close up "fill" lighting with a little flash and movement.

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