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Eternal ElitePARUV Review

Published Dec 31, 2015

We went in search of the most cost effective way to wash a large area with UV light for all those DJs out there wanting to take their glow parties to the next level. Having tried many of the first generation LED "UV" lights we were impressed, but knew that the idea of a low power LED UV light could be taken to the next level.

Mark with Eternal must have been thinking the same thoughts when he set out to make the ElitePAR UV. At first look, it has the same smooth lines of the other Eternal lights and the integrated control panel. This makes for a good looking light that can complement your truss but what about the performance?

The ElitePAR UV blew away every LED UV light we have in our inventory here at DJzone. It is so bright, we had to dim it down when we used it in small areas. When we went to a large area, it only took two of the ElitePAR UV lights on full to cover an entire gymnasium. We placed one in each corner about 9 feet up and the room lit up.


This was a real world test, a glow party for 400 screaming middle school kids and the response was fantastic. Every piece of florescent clothing was like it was on fire with color and not just in front of the lights. The beam width of the ElitePAR UV washed light over the complete floor including to the back of the gym. This made for the best glow event our company has ever had.

The ElitePar UV is one of many innovative lights in the Eternal lineup. These lights are not just cookie cutter "whatever China has" lights. These are well thought out, designed by people that use them every week lights. Check them out.

Features & Technical Specifications:

  • (18) 3 Watt UV LEDs 20° x 60° beam angle.
  • 5CH DMX Modes
  • Sound Active Mode
  • Sound Active is accessible by DMX or Manual
  • Auto Mode  with Speed Control
  • Fade mode with Speed Control
  • Manual Color Mix Mode by Master Slave all other Fixtures
    change color on demand
  • Full word 2 Lines of Text 16 Digits LCD Push Button back light Display
  • Power In & Power Out (Linkable Power Up to 6 per run)
  • Wavelength: 389-403nm (nanometers)
  • Master Reset Function
  • Total Run Hour Hours on Display
  • Lux 8,350 at 1 Meter

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