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CHAUVET SlimPAR Hex 3 IRC Review

Published Jul 29, 2014

DJzone Bench CHAUVET SlimPAR Hex 3

Adjectives such as rich, smooth, and silky are usually directed at foods until we were able to play with what  the CHAUVET has brought  in the SlimPAR Hex 3. The colors produced by this light can only be described with words like that.

On the DJzone Bench today, we have the SlimPAR Hex 3 an –RGBAW+UV LED light from the mad scientists at CHAUVET. Don't be confused by all the letters being used to describe this light. They stand for the 7 watt LEDs that are Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White and Ultraviolet or UV.

This light has a "madly" impressive design. At 3.5 pounds, it's not a backbreaker like some of the comparable well made fixtures out there. The case is built from steel and was designed to be both hung with a yoke or used without the yoke as an uplight fixture. The layout of the case was designed so it will sit flat on the floor and have the cabling plugged into the small indents on both sides of the light. You can string your DMX and AC in one side then back out to the next light on the other side. This makes for a very versatile light that you can use for a stage fixture, truss warmer, and for decor lighting.

The CHAUVET SlimPAR Hex 3 has broke the code for in-light mixing of colors which gives you a rich "smooth" and "silky" color with zero haloing (haloing is where you can see the separate unmixed colors outside the light fixture). All the traditional colors can be mixed and the CHAUVET SlimPAR Hex 3 includes 64 built in colors for those that are looking for plugin play lighting.

There are three ways to program and change what the CHAUVET SlimPAR Hex 3 does. One is with the IRC remote. With this handheld remote, you are able to change the colors and most every setting with a touch of a button. You can do the same thing with the control buttons on the back of the unit. Lastly, DMX can be brought in to program and change the functions and colors.

The real secret of the CHAUVET SlimPAR Hex 3 is the UV color that adds a "richness" and "vibrancy" that side by side with a traditional RGB fixture, seems left out and void. The UV allows you to produce a hot pink and purple that cannot be created with traditional LED lights. Also, it is pretty darn cool for any Halloween parties you might have coming up.

The CHAUVET SlimPAR Hex 3 is just another amazing breakthrough light that we have reviewed from CHUAVET.

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