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Published Aug 28, 2013

CHAUVET LFS-75DMX is a lightweight gobo powerhouse. Why do we say this? Well it all started with a bride that wanted a gobo in a particular area. The spot the bride chose was over the stage that sat next to the dancefloor.

The dimensions and layout of this room were not conducive to an easy fix for our bride. The wall directly facing the stage at the far side of the room was 70 feet away. A gobo could only be shot that distance by a Source Four with a 750watt bulb and a very expensive lens. It would cost more to rent the equipment than what it was worth. With the amount of people she had invited there was no way we could set a stand anywhere to project her gobo and make it work.

The facility was not set up for stage lighting and only had a small set of LEDs  that were hung from a very thin bar hooked to the ready bolts secured to the roofing framework. This was not a professional install by far and could hold the LED cans, but would never safely hold a Source Four (36lbs), PR1 (30lbs), or most any gobo projector worthy of the task.  Here is where the LFS-75DMX came into play. Weighing only eight not much more than one of the LED par cans that was already mounted on the bar, it would be perfect for the wedding if it was bright enough.

Up on the bar we managed to mount the LFS-75 without much of a problem. The stress on the light bar was minimal, but we still added safety cabling to not only the LFS-75, we added it to the bar and the cans, since this is rigged over a dancefloor that would soon be filled with people.

One small thumb bolt gave us access to the gobo slot. Placing and straightening the gobo in the LFS-75DMX was easy and the duel slider system allowed us to set the size and the focus all while standing on a ladder 12 feet in the air. The throw to the back of the stage was about 20 feet and the gobo we ordered from David at Progobo, came out looking amazing. BTW we mentioned Progobo because they managed to cut and ship our gobo in less than a week and the results knocked it out of the park.

The LFS-75DMX gives you more features other than the weight (or lack of) and the brightness, this unit is dimmable, DMX controllable, has built in colors. Now if your bride wants her gobo to be pink or blue you can offer colored gobos as a perk.

One other side note during the DJ Expo in the CHAUVET booth they were using an LSF-75DMX to spotlight a wedding cake. Spotlighting cakes candy tables or even as a followspot the CHAUVET LSF-75DMX is a lightweight multitasking gobo powerhouse.


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