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American DJ Micro Wash RGBW Review

Published Jun 29, 2011
Micro Wash RGBW

The American DJ Micro Wash RGBW takes all the features of the much larger LED wash type lights and puts them in a smaller package. The Micro Wash has seven 1 watt LEDs that give it a rich color pallet. Using DMX, you have access to seven channels of control including 32 built-in color micros that give you an instant "Crayola box" of colors to choose from.

The casing on this light is small in stature and made from heavy aluminum that appears to also double as the heat sink for the electronics. Hanging off the back are two 6" XLR cables that allow you to access the lights with DMX and daisy-chain them with each other or other DMX compatible lights.  The duel yoke bracket made it easy to set them up as uplights and attach them to a truss. The American DJ Micro Wash RGBW is the perfect size to use as a truss warmer light. Its small size fits through the smallest of truss. It looked great in our vertical Global Truss units. 

Color-wise, the Micro Wash RGBW was able to give us some rich color. Even though it is called a "wash", it worked great as an uplight with what we thought was a semi-wash beam. The 1 watt LEDs were bright and focused to give a nice color mix.

For those that are not into the whole DMX thing, this light had a few extra features including manual color selection, sound activated program mode, color fade, and color change to name a few. We highly suggest with the expense of DMX dropping like it has over last few years, that anyone wanting to get the full use out of lights like the Mirco Wash need to invest in upgrading.

The American DJ  Micro Wash RGBW is a small, powerful and versatile LED lighting fixture with great potential.

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