Sep 30, 2023

American DJ Gobo Motion LED On The Bench Review

Published Apr 14, 2012
Gobo Motion LED

The American DJ Gobo motion LED at first glance seems to be a large heavy light, but in fact is not big at all and like most American DJ lights is very light.

The American DJ Gobo Motion LED features fast scanning TRI LED colored beams with 6 replaceable gobo patterns. One of the great features of this light is each gobo can be replaced with any gobo of your choice .

Gobo Motion 2

I like that idea if you are say a bar or club owner and want to project your company Logos or drink/ food specials you can easily place or mount this light anywhere and project short or far throws.. This light uses 6 solid beams of light, each with a replaceable or exchangeable gobo.

It comes standard with a light but sturdy mounting bracket with adjustable angles.

I mounted it on top of a small light bar for a recent wedding and used the 2 middle gobos with replacement ones I had made of the bride and grooms names the angle in which I mounted it put one of the gobos above the bridal table and the pother on the dance floor.

That is what is cool about this light is it's versatility, you can shine it up on the ceiling spread out wide or mount it lower on your truss or light stand and project on to the dance floor.

I feel once again American Dj has built another great light for not only clubs/Bars, but mobile Dj's as well.

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