Sep 29, 2023

American DJ Eco UV LED Bar Plus Reviewed

Published Apr 30, 2012
American DJ Eco Bar

For a long time DJs have looked for the ultimate UV Blacklight solution. They need one that is portable, lightweight, durable and affordable. This search is over.

Today we have the American DJ Eco UV LED Bar Plus on the bench. This UV unit is only 40 inches long and weighs a mere 5lbs. It has eighteen 3 watt UV LEDs with a chrome reflector and clear lexan cover all housed in an extruded aluminum case.

Our test began with a lime green piece of material and two of the top lights DJs have used for years, florescent bulbs fixtures. First we compared the reflective brightness of the Wild Fire Superlux bulbs fitted into regular ballast fixtures. On our light meter this setup received a 1. Next we took a fixture with dual GE 40 watt blacklight bulbs and they ranked a 4 on our light meter. Lastly we had the American DJ Eco UV LED Bar Plus. Using the meter in the same way we did with the previous two lamp setups the American Eco UV LED Bar Plus came in at an astounding 20 on our light meter.

The bench test proves that the American DJ Eco UV LED Bar Plus is 5 times as powerful as the old DJ fallback of two GE 40 watt blacklight bulbs. This new UV fixture from American DJ gives you the ultimate UV solution in a lightweight durable package, without the hazard of breaking bulbs during transit.

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