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Published Sep 30, 2013

Spooktacular Blacklight

Just in time for the Halloween season, ADJ sent us over some LED UV Go lights to review. As avid haunted house fans, we jumped on giving these new lights a bench test and some real world use.

Out of the box, the LED UV Go lights have pretty much the same look as their big bother the Eco UV Bar Plus, but in a smaller form. After giving the lights a charging overnight, we fired them up.


The UV wash that this light produces will cover a small to medium room without an issue. As with the Eco UV Bar, the LEDs being used in the LED UV Go (10 x 1 watt) are quite powerful and produce a brilliant spectrum of UV light that makes anything reactive come to life.

Being a battery powered UV light makes these a great light for use in a haunted house or corn maze. Most haunted houses and haunted corn mazes are fabricated in places that have little or no power so the LED UV Go gives you up to 8 hours of strong UV blacklight with zero cords for people to trip over.

One of the features of the LED UV Go include a dimmer that will allow you to adjust the brightness of the light, thus giving you more battery life. If you really want to have a wacky room in your haunted house, you can set the LED UV Go to strobe. The strobe is adjustable and can really make for some interesting effects. All these features are controllable with the included ADJ-RC1 remote or by using the control panel located on the back of the light.

Outside of the haunted industry we can see the LED UV Go being used for blacklight parties and dances since their portability allows you to place them anywhere in a room without needing a power source or cord.  Also being small in size, they would work great hard wired into the entrance or hallway of a club.

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