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ADJ Event Pod Review

Published Nov 28, 2013
event pod

On the bench today we have the American DJ Event Pod. This light is a little unusual as in it kind of falls into the decorator family of lighting, but we will run through it for you.

Upon opening the box, we have 4 pods, 4 chargers and one remote control. Now these are not your typical ADJ lights, they won't do a wash, a spot, a gobo, UV or anything you would expect out of an ADJ product, but the ADJ Event Pods do have a few niches that you might find useful.

First off, we packed all of our Event Pods up and took them to our local high-end decorator. Misty was amused that we thought of her when it came to getting an opinion on DJ lighting. After we set them up though, you could see the wheels moving in her brain.

A "flameless" luminary.  Huh? She said, "You know how people decorate with a paper bag with a candle in it? That is a luminary." The Event Pods can be used in the place of a luminary with an added feature, the color can be changed to match the event and you can even go sound active when the party really gets going.

Centerpiece lighting. You can place the ADJ Event Pod in the middle of the tables and decorate around it. Using the handy remote, you can set the colors all the same or mix them up a bit. You can even have them all fade from one color to another.

Store display at a cosmetics counter. Someone with a bit of creativity can place the ADJ Event Pods in a tube like the "stick" coming out of a lipstick, then they can fade colors to show the different colors of the lipstick. This could make a very eyecatching display.

Lighting the walkways or stairs at an outdoor event without going overkill on lighting. By placing the ADJ Event Pods on the stairs or along a sidewalk, you can give guests enough illumination without taking away the spot light of a nice evening outside.

The ADJ Event Pods are priced right if you are looking to add a very unusual but versatile set of lights to your collection.

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