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Published May 23, 2008

D&A Collective has installed two Allen & Heath Xone:S2 mixers at the Hudson Terrace in New York City to manage the venue’s main dance floor and huge roof deck. High above 46th St in Manhattan’s Midtown West, the new Hudson Terrace excels as an exclusive event space and night club boasting a 7,000 square foot rooftop deck in addition to more than 8,000 square feet of multi-function space, bar, and outdoor patio.

“The XONE:S2 was the perfect choice for the Hudson Terrace for a number of reasons,” states D&A’s Steve Petrik. “The fader/rotary option makes a lot of sense for this space. I have the faders installed on the rooftop’s S2 because the music up there tends to be more hip hop oriented, and the rotary option is installed on the dance floor which is great for club DJ’s. And, the fader/rotary units can be swapped as necessary to please the performing DJs. Also, the Xone:S2’s alarm interface made installation and code compliance a breeze. Then, of course, the sound of the S2 is amazing – it’s very warm and the perfect counter balance for the digital content that is now being played. This is pretty much the only mixer I want to spec these days!”

The Xone:S2 mixer is Allen & Heath’s flagship installation DJ mixer for clubs, bars, and mobile DJ’s. Winning Club World’s Best DJ Product Award for 2008, the XONE:S2 boasts supreme sound quality, hot-swappable fader or rotary VCA channel controls, USB port, and a host of install features for club system integration.

Hosting corporate events during the day and DJ/club events at night, the venue’s recent events have included Jose Cuervo Platino Masquerade Ball with Cedric Gervais and Austin Leeds.

Designed by Steve Petrik, the AV system at Hudson Terrace comprises components from Allen & Heath, Danley Sound Labs, Biamp, Crest, Chauvet, and Elektralite. The sound system allows the user to route audio from any DJ console to any of the three areas located within the venue. The DJ is provided with two SH-100B speakers for monitoring and all connections to the system are made through two Allen & Heath Xone:S2 DJ mixers.

“When installing such a clean sound system based around the Danley products,” comments Petrik, “I knew I needed to have a great-sounding front end to the system, and the Xone:S2 was the natural choice.”

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