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DJ Skirts Gives The Seal of Approval

Published Apr 4, 2009
Seal of Approval

Members of the Special Event and Bridal industries talked with us about preserving the elegant appearance of the room. They felt that many DJs just didn’t fit in (aesthetically). Some venues even developed habits of positioning DJs in the corner of the room, to get them out of the way. As more event professionals learned about us, they were happy to see higher standards for the appearance of DJ setups. The Special Event people, especially the bridal industry and their clients, like to see all equipment, carpeted cases, poles, cables and cords, completely hidden from view.

We are building a database for our website to help potential customers verify that the DJ they are considering, is certified with the “DJ Skirts Seal of Approval”.
In order to qualify, a DJ must have the following:

  • Either a Mobile ProBooth or a Topper with a table skirt
  • Tripods must be covered with Tripod Skirts and Pole Sleeves
  • Some light shows may require additional covering as needed
  • Note: Some DJs may be using appearance products that are not DJ Skirts brand, and yet still qualify for the Seal of Approval. Among the requirements to qualify as indicated above, proof of Fire Retardant certification must be provided.
  • The DJ company agrees to state in their contract whether DJ Skirts Seal of Approval professional appearance products are provided for the event. This prevents any miscommunication issues over expectations. *Sub-contracted events are held to the same requirements as noted above.
  • That’s it!

Every DJ or company who meets these requirements will have their name, city, state, and three pictures of their setup on our website at
Anyone interested in DJ services will then be able to verify that company’s professional appearance and Seal of Approval.

Please understand that this is not a DJ referral service. Once approved, DJ Skirts will e-mail each certified DJ company the Seal of Approval logo. This is intended to be used for marketing purposes, such as your website, DJ Referral Service websites, DJ association sites, and all other advertising resources. We recommend that DJs add the press release (The New Standard) to their website to alert prospective clients as to what the Seal of Approval is. If so, each DJ company should then create a category in their nav menu called “Seal of Approval”.

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