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Wedding Feather Banners DJ Upsell Extraordinaire

Published May 6, 2008

Over the years wedding DJs have expanded their duties to include more than just DJing. In a quest for more of the wedding budget pie, they have added upsells that allow them to expand their services into décor, video montages, planning and coordination and more.

The moment I first saw the Wedding Feather Banners at the LDI show I could see the viability of them being a great upsell for DJs that perform at outside weddings.

Since they were little girls Brides have dreamed of a fairytale wedding and no decoration out there comes close to Wedding Feather Banners. Flowing upward over 20 feet in the air they appear almost mystical as a slight breeze catches them. Take every Disney or fantasy movie that has a princess in it and you have the awe and presentation of this beautiful new decoration.

Placed along the pathway leading up to the ceremony area or as a backdrop for the alter they give a heavenly feel to a joyous wedding occasion. A stark background of a golf course or field can be transformed into an ethereal outdoor chapel with Wedding Feather Banners towering over the guests.

The sheer size of these banners make them perfect for outdoors, but in the right conditions they can also be used indoors. In a venue with a tall ceiling Wedding Feather Banners add to any décor. Although I personally prefer the white banners there are many colors available that can be used to match the wedding color or even be used for a corporate function.

The one thing I liked most about these and the reason they make an excellent upsell for DJs is their size when collapsed. Each banner pole shrinks into a pole the size of a small walking cane. The banner itself folds up neatly and together they are easy to transport and store.

Setup takes only a few minutes for each banner and entails threading the banner onto the pole, clipping it in place and expanding the pole. Once the pole is extended you place it either in a portable base or over a stake which you drive into the ground.

Wedding Feather Banners are small in size with a huge impact. Once you get this new upsell out there Brides will be beating your door down wanting them. Check them out here

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