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Published Mar 24, 2013

A posh tapas restaurant that transforms into a lively nightclub on weekends, makes its debut in downtown Fort Worth. Complete with nearly 14,000 square feet of space, Vee Lounge boasts a world-class, Chauvet-exclusive light rig and regular performances from renowned DJs to ensure guests have the time of their life dancing the night away.

Vee Lounge, a subsidiary of Rick’s Cabaret International, Inc., recently opened its doors to hundreds of guests and hosted its grand opening celebration, which featured a set from international DJ sensation, Havana Brown. To create an atmosphere with colorful movement, crisp effects, vibrant washes and glowing mood lighting, Tim Hannum, owner of Diavolo Systems, created a design which includes more than 200 fixtures from all four Chauvet brands: CHAUVET® DJ, CHAUVET® Professional, ILUMINARC® and TRUSST®.


“We wanted to design a multidimensional, complicated-looking light show while staying within our budget,” Hannum said. “Chauvet has a large amount of products that are economical, work very well and are very reliable.”

For ambiance, Hannum specified 80 recessed ILUMINARC® ILUMIPOD LΩGIC TRI-1 color-changing wash lights to illuminate decorative columns and bars throughout the lounge. He also incorporated 24 CHAUVET® Professional COLORdash™ Accent lights for general uplighting as well as downlighting the patio area.

Mounted above the dance floor, four 20-foot TRUSST® columns house fixtures that emit colorful beams and sharp effects — giving the dance floor a life of its own. Hannum selected 16 feature-rich CHAUVET® Professional Q-Spot™ 460-LED moving yoke spots to deliver sharp projections and superb effects, while eight Legend™ 412 moving yoke wash lights emit dynamic washes and pixel-mapping effects from above the performance DJ stand. For multicolored, high-speed effects and animations, 24 CHAUVET® DJ Cubix™ 2.0 effect lights create a colorful ceiling effect and blanket the entire dance floor with beams.

“For the price, Cubix™ 2.0 is an absolutely killer light that provides an incredible look,” Hannum said. “When used as a ceiling and downward effect, it creates a forest of beams and effects.”

Strategically placed at the end of each TRUSST® column, eight CHAUVET® DJ Sweeper™ LED effect lights are programmed to simulate a cage-like effect when activated. For different looks and energy levels, 24 CHAUVET® DJ LED PAR 56-24UVB wash the entire dance floor with a sexy, deep congo purple glow, while four CHAUVET® DJ MegaStrobe™ FX12 strobe lights function as audience blinders. Two CHAUVET® DJ Hurricane™ 1800 Flex fog machines add the final touch to the design and enhance the intricate light show.

Fixture List
80 x Ilumipod Logic Tri-1
24 x COLORdash™ Accent
24 x LED PAR 56-24UVB
24 x Cubix™ 2.0
16 x Q-Spot™ 460-LED
8 x TRUSST® totems
8 x  Legend™ 412
8 x Sweeper™ LED
8 x D-Fi™ 2.4 GHz
4 x MegaStrobe™ FX12
2 x Hurricane™ 1800 Flex

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