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The Dawn of a New Day for Wedding Entertainment Directors®

Published Jul 15, 2014

The American Disc Jockey Association is pleased to announce they have acquired ownership of the WED Guild®, Wedding Entertainment Director® and all related marketing associated with this established brand. Effective immediately, Dr. Drax will oversee all future efforts to build this brand to reach and exceed its true potential.

As of today,July 14th, 2014 the WED Guild® will cease operations as an organization, though the website will remain as a central gathering place for consumers to learn more about the brand. The group (ie; those who have attained certification) will be absorbed under the umbrella of the ADJA. The term Wedding Entertainment Director® will remain a “credential program” and represent the top-tiered level of wedding certification for DJs within the ADJA and the Industry at large.

“I am thrilled the ADJA has secured this brand for our members.” says, Dr. Drax, President of the ADJA. “This is yet another example that we spare no expense to elevate our profession for our members, our industry and for consumers.” he concludes. Jeremy Brech, WED® has been hand-selected to head-up the credentialing board. Stay tuned for many exciting announcements as the Wedding Entertainment Director® brand moves forward to represent the top credential program in the DJ industry.
Incoming Credential Chair . Jeremy Brech, WED® commented "The WED Guild application and certification allowed me to raise the bar in my market. We are excited that the application will still hold the foundation it was built on. To have the support and power from the ADJA is truly exciting for myself, the industry, and of course clients across the nation!"
WED Guild® Founder, Peter Merry, says, "This is a major turning point for the Wedding Entertainment Director® certification process and I am confident that Drax and Jeremy will do great things with it!"

Former WED Guild® President, Liz Daley says, “I am thrilled with the ideas and opportunities for growth this new chapter in the progression of the WED Guild® brand will offer the DJ industry! Dr. Drax and Jeremy Brech have a lot of great ideas that will help continue the ADJA’s mission to help DJs grow and build their businesses through legitimate professional certification programs that will help them stand out from the crowd."

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