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Stanton SCS1 Takes Crystal Disc

Published Jan 31, 2008

DJZone, the Web’s largest information network for disc jockeys, announced Stanton as tyhe first recipient of their 2008 Crystal Disc Awards at the 107th NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA. The awards are given annually to sound and lighting manufacturers whose products exhibit superior technical innovation for the mobile and club disc jockey industries.

Stanton SCS1 Takes Crystal Disc-Body

DJZone’s first 2008 Crystal Disc was awarded to Stanton for their SCS1 Digital Control System. The SCS1 control surface is created in the image of a turntable using a hi-torq motorized platter in a 10” form factor. This gives the SCS1 the vinyl touch that Stanton is known for when controlling DJ software, along with an advanced two-way feedback system where the software interacts with not only the DJ, but the SCS1.

“Remembering that there are DJs out there that want something more than a cd player or laptop helped with my choice,” said Sid Vanderpool, president of the DJZone Network. “This unit allows the vinyl DJ to walk into a club and quickly set it to emulate the turntable which they are comfortable with. Along with that and the two-way feed back system, the SCS1 stood out from the other control surfaces I observed at NAMM 2008.”

Only three Crystal Disc Awards are given out each year…One each for innovations in Club DJ Gear, Mobile DJ Gear and Lighting. This is Stanton’s first ever Crystal Disc and comes from the Club DJ Gear category.

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