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Shure donates $50,000 to Support Hearing Conservation

Published Oct 14, 2004

Shure Incorporated announced today that $50,000 will be awarded to three organizations as part of the Company's effort to support their Corporate cause, hearing conservation: the Deafness Reseach Foundation, the Kresge Hearing Research Laboratory at Louisiana State University, and the House Ear Institute (HEI).

"Hearing loss is an important health issue that affects millions of people around the world, and unfortunately, the numbers are on the rise," said Sandy LaMantia, President and CEO of Shure. "We are proud to support the cause of hearing conservation and the efforts of these organizations who are also dedicated to educating people about the dangers of noise-induced hearing loss."

In addition to making these donations, Shure's efforts to promote hearing conservation include providing free hearing screenings and distributing hearing protection devices at pro audio industry trade shows, music conferences and festivals, and to their own employees.

About the Donation Recipients
Founded in 1958, the Deafness Research Foundation (DRF) is the largest private organization that funds hearing research in the world. Over the years, DRF has awarded more than $22.5 million through more than 1,800 research grants and fellowships. DRF grants have been instrumental in the development of the cochlear implant, implantable hearing aid, new treatments for otitis media (middle ear infections), and great strides in unraveling the mystery of regeneration of inner ear hair cells in humans.

This year, DRF introduced the World Council on Hearing Health (WCHH), which Shure has joined as a board member. The WCHH will focus the attentions and efforts of good corporate stewards, consumers, hearing health professionals to work toward the same goal: to detect, prevent and restore hearing loss. For more information, visit www.drf.org.

The House Ear Institute (HEI) is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to advancing hearing science through research and education to improve quality of life. HEI Scientists are exploring the causes of auditory disorders on the cellular and molecular level as well as refining the application of auditory implants and hearing aids. For more information please call (213) 483-4431 or visit their Website at www.hei.org.

The Kresge Hearing Research Laboratory operates as part of the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Foundation. The Kresge Lab's mission is to empower people with life-enhancing creative alternatives to hearing problems and the prevention of hearing loss through education and ground-breaking research on the mechanisms of hearing.

"The donated funds will be used by these organizations to fund research studies, provide free hearing screenings, and create educational materials for public awareness campaigns," added LaMantia.

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