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Scrim King: A New Look for the Mobile DJ Market

Published Oct 5, 2010

Mobile DJ’s and Lighting techs are constantly looking for new and exciting products which will appeal to customers and the common eye. Trussing, lighting and speaker stands have always had the same purpose and look, with exposed metal and the possibility of wires being exposed to an audience.

Scrim King launched a new product line at the 2010 Mobile Beat Las Vegas, which has been the answer to all mobile DJ’s and A/V production companies abroad. Making this product Lightweight, versatile and a Super quick set up was the main mission for Scrim King. Your speaker, lighting stands and trussing can now be transformed into show pieces rather than eye sores.  The ease of use, make scrim, the newest and easiest cost effective way to upgrade your setups, and offer your clients with a new trendy look. 

Scrim King

Lightweight: Each Tripod/Lighting scrim weighs less than 1.5 lbs. The Truss scrim weighs than 2.5 lbs.
Versatile: The speaker/lighting stand scrim stretches from 4ft. to 7ft. comfortably. Use it for Speaker stands and for T-Bar lighting . The Truss Scrim stretches from 9ft. past 12ft. comfortably. If your truss is smaller, fold down the access at the base of the truss.

Quick Set-up: The Tripod takes approx. 1 minute set up with 1 person. The Truss takes approx. 2 minutes set up with 2 people.
Safety: Now that your Tripods are covered with Scrim, you also created an instant visual of the stand which will stop guests from tripping over your stand. All Scrim King Products are treated to be NFPA 701 Certified Fire retardant.

Adding L.E.D lighting will give life to this fantastic new product. Take it to the next level with various LED bars and par cans available on the market today

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