Sep 27, 2023

Scratch Dj Academy Chooses Vestax

Published Jun 7, 2004

Scratch DJ Academy, a leader in the fast-growing DJ education market, has equipped its educational facilities in New York City with Vestax DJ gear. Their main instruction space now boasts 17 student and teacher stations, each outfitted with two Vestax PDX-2000 turntables and a Vestax PMC-05ProII mixer. The installation was completed in April, with similar equipment setups placed in additional rooms throughout the facility. This integration of Vestax technology and the Academy’s renowned teachers and instruction methods provides students with an educational foundation that accommodates all skill levels — from beginner through advanced — ensuring a firm grounding that will carry them forward into successful DJ careers.

Additionally, students from academic partners Hunter College, Manhattan Borough Community College and New York University who take continuing education DJ courses at Scratch DJ Academy will utilize the Vestax equipment setups as well.

“We needed a partner whose level of technical quality, expertise and workmanship reflects the level of quality education that we provide to all of our students,” explains Rob Principe, Founder and CEO of Scratch DJ Academy. “We chose Vestax because they meet the high criteria we’ve set for our needs. Their equipment and technology is proven, and their people are great. Maintaining a high value proposition to our students is key to the success of our business, and Vestax gives us exactly that.”

About the Vestax products:
The Vestax PDX-2000 offers quick start-up time, braking time and an Anti-Skipping Tonearm System (ASTS) that dramatically reduces needle skips and jumps. Vestax design and reliability make PDX-2000 the professional’s choice in a top quality turntable. The Vestax PMC-05ProII DJ mixer has been used by professional battle and hip-hop DJs for many years. Its PCV crossfader with curve control, double panel system and other pro caliber features offer a complete package for DJs of all levels.

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