Dec 2, 2023

Rodec Launched In US

Published Sep 10, 2009

Global Pro Sound (GPS) is proud to announce the exclusive North American distribution of the Rodec brand of audio mixers – a brand known throughout the world for their uncompromising commitment to sonic excellence.

Rodec, a Belgian company with history dating back to 1954, is credited with developing some of the first ever DJ mixers, starting around 1970. In addition, Rodec also created amplifiers, speakers, and other equipment geared towards live sound reproduction with one common thread – their unrelenting approach to offering the absolute finest sound quality and build quality possible. Rodec is also known for the invention of the 3-band EQ per-channel, an innovation which has become a standard for virtually all DJ mixers.

Global Pro Sound will begin distribution of the Rodec brand immediately, with the USA debut of the Rodec Restyler – an external effects unit that was designed in partnership with Sherman, a prestigious Belgian maker of guitar effects. The Restyler follows the Rodec tradition of build and sound quality that surpasses every other brand on the market in the history of DJ products. Rodec products will be available only from select dealers.

Global Pro Sound, LLC (GPS) launched in 2009, is a privately held company, headquartered in Westchester, NY. Founded and managed by industry veteran, Russell Brown, GPS provides sales, marketing, product development and artist relations consultation services to the pro audio industry. GPS is the official North American distributor of Rodec brand merchandise. 

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