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RequestNow: Partygoers Text Their Favorite Songs Instantly

Published Jun 26, 2013

RequestNow originated from the days when Matt DJed. As partygoers continually bombarded him with song requests, he realized that a better system could remedy the problems he and other DJs faced. A few years later, after meeting in an Intro to Computer Science class we began discussing the idea of a text-based request system. As we built the bare bones and launched a beta, we realized that what at first we thought was a simple idea had so many potential avenues of growth. We became extremely excited that our product could be used to help DJs make themselves more well-known and that better music could be played at events all around the world.

Matt and I both love music and providing DJs the tool to easily discover what their audience not only wants to listen to but to be able to predict what their audience might want to listen to excites us. This, and many other tools we’re hoping to provide for DJs, is the foundation for the idea behind RequestNow: to make the music better.

We're incredibly excited to announce that we've received our first investment of $10,000 from Rough Draft Ventures. This commitment from Rough Draft allows us to continue working on RequestNow throughout the summer and provides us with the capital we need to get our product to DJs and venues. Thanks to the support from Rough Draft we've been able to commit our time this summer thus far to rebuilding our product from scratch and we're excited to announce that we'll be leaving beta today.

We've added new features that allow DJs to better interact with the audience that our beta users were eager for us to build including the ability to respond directly to users that have sent in requests, custom messaging, and the ability to send a text after to all the people who attended the event. Without Rough Draft we wouldn't have been able to be at this point this soon. We're excited for the future of RequestNow and we're excited to have Rough Draft along for the ride.

WHY USE RequestNow?

Because it's a simple way to enhance any event.

  • Take song requests via text message

  • Give your audience control and get real-time feedback

  • Easily interact with partygoers

Request Now Website

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