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Questions You Wanted To Ask About The Las Vegas DJ Show

Published Jun 14, 2012

You were afraid to ask, so we did it for you

DJzone sat down with Dr. Drax from Current Audition Magazine and talked a little bit about the Las Vegas DJ Show that will be held at the Las Vegas Hilton September 9-12. This will be the second year for Las Vegas DJ Show that debuted last year and received great reviews from those in attendance. 

DJzone: What drove you to produce a new DJ show?
 It was a desire to improve the industry and to help DJs to Build & Grow their businesses.  In every industry to which I have ever belonged, the association of that industry has   always produced a show.  Examples are NACE, WEVA, ISES, ABC, etc.  Since the ADJA is THE association of the DJ industry, it was logical that we should seek to produce a show, but a show which is not profit driven but driven to build a better industry.

DJzone: With so many DJ shows and confabs out there, what makes your show different?
Our goal is to build a show FOR the industry, BY the industry.  Our focus is to build the kind of show that DJs have always talked about wanting. We have been listening and will continue to listen, making a list of "DJ's musts".  We are now producing a show with those requests in mind:  a show with great content, lots of hot deals, a great price and a stellar location.  Couple that with the amazing deal at the Marquee nightclub and it is, in a number of respects, different than other shows.  Also, as a new show, we are trying different approaches, we are taking some risks that others might not.

DJzone: What can a single op get out of your show?
There is content focused on the single op professional.  Content that if applied, should directly translate into bookings and more revenue.  Single ops have to wear all the hats and as such we focus the content into 5 specific tracks.  Content on Business, Performance, CPS & Tech, Multi Sys Operations and Turntablism.  Also, all the content is being recorded so that you don't have to decide what session to see, only what session to see live. The content is new and fresh, no stale repeats.

DJzone: What about a multi-op?
We have a number of seminar sessions particularly focused for Multi ops.  We have an entire track of content on how to build a multi talent company as a quality driven enterprise.

DJzone: Are the vendors offering any incentives?
Yes, most exhibitors are there to not only show their products but will also have offers hard to find elsewhere.  Everyone is excited to sell.  So come ready because the deals will be HOT!

DJzone: Is your show going to make a DJ money?
Yes, they can't help but make more money if they attend the sessions with an open mind, take notes and apply the content from the show.  We shortened our seminar sessions from 90 minutes to 60 minutes to eliminate the fluff.  Each session will be nugget filled.  With 38 seminars of excellent content from experts inside and outside of the industry, there is a broad spectrum of education on how to improve all aspects of your business.  Our seminar line up is a varitable pantheon of business and entertainment expertise.  Truly the best and the brightest will be there sharing their knowledge.

DJzone: Why do we need another DJ show?
I don't know if "need" is the right word choice.  Ours is the third major show of the year specifically for DJs.  Each of the other shows have something unique about them.  We feel that we do too.  If we give attendees and exhibitors a great experience then they will be back.  Everyone who attended last year felt it was a great show.   Many even commented that it's now the only show they are going to attend in the future.

DJzone: What would you say are your show's greatest strengths?
Our strength is in our desire to serve the industry.  Our desire is to help DJs improve their talents, to enable them to build a better future for their families.  Our content is unparalleled.  We also work directly with the legendary staff of the LVH (previously known as the Las Vegas Hilton) to make every show attendee's experience the best that it can be. There are great dining options onsite with Benehana's, TJ's steakhouse, Vince Neil's Tres Rio's Mexican cantina, as well as the Paradise Cafe, (which serves great food all hours of the day and night).  The LVH also has a stellar buffet, along the lines of the old school Vegas style buffet.  The attendees can enjoy the great boutiques and shops on site, not to mention shows, clubs and bars. Most anything and everything you could want for a great experience.  For those who stay onsite, which makes the most sense anyway for many reasons,  we also offer a voucher where the attendees can save up to $100 on dining and beverages at the LVH.  We are trying to provide many great amenities as a part of the show.

DJzone: What are its weaknesses?
That it's the new kid in town.  With this being a fairly new show it comes with all the wondering and supposition, like could this new show really be that great for just $49.  All a person has to do if they have doubts is to ask anyone who attended last year. We have heard over and over how it was world class from top to bottom and that they will be attending every year in the future.  Getting established as a viable event is just part of the growth, and we are up for the challenge. We believe in what we are going to accomplish.

DJzone: I notice that your show is void of the "fluff" AKA Grand prizes, concerts by retired artists, etc that you may see at other DJ shows. Why is that?
We don't see a problem with give aways, they are a great attraction for DJs.  We might do one at the show, but we don't want it to be the focus.  We want content to be the focus.  As for entertainment, we don't have issues with concerts, but frankly we feel that this is Vegas Baby!  The entertainment capital of the world!  We want DJs to get out and see the shows.  See how technology is implemented in entertaining thousands as they explore the venues.  See performances that happen every night.  Learn from the masters the skills to work the room night after night and not sound stale.

 That said we are not without great night time activities.  American DJ is once again sponsoring the "Cool by the Pool" event from 5-8pm on Monday.  September is an optimal time to host a pool party without freezing or roasting.  Last year it was the highlight of the networking events. "Cool By The Pool" is intended as a great networking event, just warm air, cool breezes, soft background music and watching a gorgeous sunset in the company of colleagues and friends sitting around sharing ideas and sipping a cool drink.  Now add in that American DJ does prize give aways and it becomes a fun, festive event.

 Later we heat up the night with a VIP All Access event at the Marquee Night Club.  The Marquee is the "A-list" night spot.  It's not uncommon to see many celebrities there.  Cover at this exclusive night spot is $50 but with your show pass, not only do you not wait in line, but enter via the VIP entrance and the $50 cover is waived by showing your show badge! Then we liven it up by securing attendees an open bar for the first hour with their show pass.  You get to see world class entertainment.  You never know who you might see on stage.  We even have a few surprises working for this year.  All I can say is that it's going to be an awesome night! The Marquee has a dress code so be sure to dress to impress!

We also arrange for show perks for the on site entertainment shows.  Last year we obtained discounts worth 50% off show passes for Mark Curry, Greg London and others.  We are excited to see what this year will bring.  We will have more specifics once we get closer to the show date.

DJzone:  Will you be providing breakout and networking rooms for DJs to sit and network or chat?
Absolutely!  That is one of the things DJs have always complained about, that there is nowhere to sit down to network and to just hang out. We listened.  Last year we started our show with the intention of creating a networking space. Last year we had dozens of tables and chairs set up right outside the seminar area, as well as a dozen tables and chairs in the networking area of the exhibit hall.  Couple that with plenty of food and beverage stations in and around the networking area and exhibit hall and it becomes a great place to just sit down and network with colleagues.

 We are also the ONLY West Coast appearance of Breakfast with The GameMaster.  Every morning before the show Scott Faver holds his famous Breakfast with The Gamemaster sessions.  These networking sessions are jam packed with great ideas, great content and great give aways.  There will be non stop networking at this show.

DJzone:  Your show is in September.  What makes this the best time for a DJ show?
We feel that it's a great time for a show.  It's the end of summer and we hope everyone will have had a good season and will be able to come to the show with money to spend for incredible deals.  Now couple that with the gorgeous Vegas weather in September.  The pools are all open, you can walk the strip in shorts and a polo and be very comfortable late into the night.  Also September is toward the end but still part of the tourist season, so all the hottest shows are still running.  At other times of the year many of the best Vegas Shows are dark for renovation.  In September the action is everywhere and it is a GREAT time to be in Las Vegas!

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