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QSC Launches New Website

Published Jun 13, 2012

QSC Audio Products, is launching QSCtraining. com, a new website which offers an engaging and interactive look into the products and technologies that make QSC products the superior choice for professional customers worldwide.

QSCtraining.com features training courses and product presentations, as well as instructional videos and podcasts, created to assist customers all over the world with the latest information and updates on the full line of QSC products and solutions—including loudspeakers, amplifiers, networking and signal processing. Online tests and assessments based on the course material give users valuable feedback while also rating comprehension on the material they have just learned. Of special interest to InfoComm attendees, a number of training modules on QSCtraining.com will soon be recognized toward the RU requirements for InfoComrn Certification.

All of the site's training modules were designed with form and function in mind. Patrick Heyn, QSC Multi-media Production Manager, explains, "You won't find any boring PowerPoint's here!" The downloadable sales presentations are beautifully designed with Prezi (a new interactive presentation tool) and are available in multiple languages. The training videos feature a combination of QSC expert presenters, real-world demonstrations and engaging 3D animations—all delivered in an easy-to-understand, light-hearted tone.

Unlike training websites where user information or registration is required to gain entry to content, QSCtraining. com is open to the public and free of charge. All of the training courses on the site are non-linear and fully searchable. For example, a user can take an entire course to become certified on the Q-Sys Integrated System Platform, or choose to search individual modules for help on a specific Q-Sys component.
In the future, QSCtraining.com will also be hosting live events and pod-casts intended to enable users located anywhere in the world to interact with a live QSC representative.

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