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Published Sep 1, 2006

Top DJ, Paul van Dyk, has adopted Allen & Heath's new Xone:3D mixer-controller as the core control element in his live performance set up. PvD has purchased two Xone:3D's, one for touring, and one installed in his studio.
"The 3D is perfect for my live set up as it's not just a mixer, it's also a controller, which means I can programme in real time using the unit's MIDI sends and returns," explains van Dyk. "As soon as I got the 3D I configured it with all my software and it worked straight away. I use two computers - one loaded with Scratch Live using time-coded CDs, and the other with Ableton Live and all of my sequences and elements. I also have an E-MU keyboard, which records and plays back sequences. And at heart is the 3D, controlling and syncing it all. It's liberating - I'm constructing and creating tracks on the spot, and every performance is unique."

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