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Project LA Chooses HARMAN’s Martin Professional

Published Dec 12, 2014
Project LA Chooses HARMAN’s Martin Professional
Project LA Chooses HARMAN’s Martin Professional

Project LA, located in the heart of Hollywood BLVD in Los Angeles, installed HARMAN’s Martin Professional VC-Strips to bring excitement and energy to the dance floor. The concept of Project LA is an interactive social experience that is all-inclusive, fun, and mesmerizing. The VC-Strips from Martin Professional were installed in the space formerly the home of the Roxbury, an 80’s nightclub that was brought to life in the classic movie ‘A Night at the Roxbury’.

The art of reflection was important in creating the environment Project LA wanted. “The vision for this project was to create an immersive environment which integrated lighting and visuals with complex reflection,” said Vello Virkhaus, CEO, Designer and the creative mastermind behind visual arts studio V Squared Labs. The layout and design of the space consisted of glass mirrored triangles for reflection purposes with the VC-Strips for light. The triangles were installed on the walls and onto the ceiling for a very modern club vibe.

“The VC-Strips provided us excellent flexibility and optimal data and power transport through the strips, reducing the number of power supply and wiring complexity tremendously,” explained Virkhaus. “This combined with the color life calibration and excellence in manufacturing was exactly what we needed to execute Project LA.” 

Achieving the goal wasn’t an easy process. There were many challenges along the way. “The most challenging thing was that upon arrival, 70% of the triangles were destroyed from the collapse of the shipping system and a 2,000 plus mile drive rattling sharp corners into faces,” said Virkhaus. “Parts literally rolled out as the truck door opened. Our entire team, including office staff, came to help re-wire.” 

Luckily, the VC-Strips managed to survive the rough transportation. “The VC-Strips survived the most intense transport from Florida to LA in which the packing system for our triangles collapsed,” explained Virkhaus. “Very few of the strips bent.”

Project LA is very happy with the final result. Achieving their vision didn’t come without roadblocks, but they worked around it. “Overall I rate the Martin VC-Strips an A+ on performance so far,” said Virkhaus. “The response has been very positive. We have had colleagues and clients both sharing their enthusiasm for our design.”

For more information on V Squared Labs Inc., please visit: www.vsquaredlabs.com

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