Nov 29, 2023

Pioneer to discontinue the CDJ-1000MK3 in UK

Published Mar 12, 2010
Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 and CDJ-800MK2 refined with new features including MP3 capability-Spotlight

In the UK Pioneer has announced that they are to discontinue production of their groundbreaking CDJ-1000 CD deck, which has been the industry standard for years now.

Pioneer’s Martin Dockree said:  “It is with mixed feelings that today we announce to the channel the discontinuation of the CDJ 1000MK3…….thanks to the hard work of our then newly appointed direct retailers, installers and established distribution, as well as the DJs who instantly recognised it as the first real practical DJ CD player, it very quickly became an industry standard fixture in the DJ booth.”

The 1000s make way for the sexy new 900 and 2000 models, which we want in our lives. We can't wait 'til every club has got them and we can just turn up to a gig with two USB sticks and a pair of headphones...

No confirmation as to whether this is a global plan yet - this announcement was just for the UK market. Expect the rest of the world to follow suit though...

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