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Pioneer Firmware Update

Published Nov 3, 2006

Today Pioneer announces a firmware update for the CDJ-1000 Mk3, CDJ-800 Mk2 and DVJ-1000. The update improves functionality as described below and is recommended for all users. These upgrades are for the following products:


CDJ-800MK2: Version 1.70 or earlier

CDJ-1000MK3: Version 2.00 or earlier

DVJ-1000: Version 1.30 or earlier


MASTER TEMPO QUALITY IMPROVED: Better preservation of sound quality while using the Master Tempo function.

IMPROVED READABILTY OF DIRTY OR SCRATCHED DISCS: Increases the product’s ability to play back unclean or damaged discs. PLEASE NOTE: The update will improve the system's capability to compensate for certain limited anomalies such as discs with minor scratches and unclean surfaces. Discs should always be kept clean and free from damages. Even with this update, the products may not be able to play all discs depending on the degree of damage.


How you can obtain firmware?

Firmware download is available on the Pioneer official website.


Or you can contact Pioneer Service to receive a CD-ROM via mail.

(800) 872-4159



Note :

CDJ-800MK2/1000MK3 firmware CD-ROM will be available middle of November

DVJ-1000 firmware download will be available middle of November


We thank you for your loyalty and we are committed to continuing to offer products that excel our customers expectations.


Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.

Pro Audio Group

2265 East 220th St.

Long Beach, CA 90810Web: http://www.PioneerProDj.com

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