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Pioneer DJ Offers Special Branded Accessories

Published May 2, 2014
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Pioneer DJ continues to make the art of Djing even more fun and exciting by offering specially designed accessories for use with its popular CDJ player

and  DJM  mixing gear and today’s most popular smartphones. 

USB Memory Stick (16GB)

Ideal for use with Pioneer’s latest flagship CDJ players with USB inputs, the new Pioneer USB memory stick provides 16 GB of memory and measures at 2-1/4” x 1/2” x ¾”.  The item is a unique way to get music into select Pioneer players as well as to show off where libraries of music are stored for performances.   The logoed USB stick utilizes a see-through acrylic block with an etched rekordbox® logo in the center that illuminates and glows in a vibrant blue when plugged into a USB port.  The body and protective cap are made of a heavy gauge brushed aluminum with the Pioneer logo laser etched onto the side of the cap.

The Pioneer USB memory stick is available now at a price of $49.

Multi-colored P-LOCK Fader Knob Replacements

DJs can now purchase specially designed replacement P-LOCK Fader knobs, available in black, white, and silver, to improve the user-friendliness of many Pioneer mixers.  They can also be creative and unique by utilizing different color fader knobs to create a more customized look for their mixers.

Each P-LOCK Fader knob is sold separately and is available now at a price of $10.

Pioneer DJ Smartphone Cases

Pioneer offers smartphone cases in black, silver and gray that are designed for iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, and iPhone 5 devices.  The thin case easily slips onto  the  iPhone  to provide an attractive shell, which is made of brushed aluminum  and  sports  the Pioneer DJ logo vertically on the sides and back panel.

Pioneer DJ cases for iPhone will be available at the end of May at a price of $39.

Three Pioneer DJ  logoed  accessories,  including  a unique 16GB USB flash drive, colored replacement  fader knobs, and protective smartphone cases, are available to consumers  as Pioneer direct sales purchase items at pioneerelectronics.com or phone order at 866-214-1310.

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