Nov 28, 2023

Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus Support

Published Jul 14, 2013

With Scratch Live 2.5 you can put your Control CDs back in your bag and connect your CDJ-2000nexus directly to your laptop. This will give you control of your Scratch Live library direct from the CDJ along with low latency control over performance features.

Here are some some basic connection tips to get you up and running. But before you jump right in, make sure you have the latest version of Scratch Live 2.5 installed on your laptop. You'll also need to update the firmware of your CDJ which you can find here.

The Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus is a class compliant USB plug-and-play device for Mac, however requires drivers for Windows. You will find these on the installation CD that is provided with your CDJ-2000nexus, or as a download from the Pioneer website.

To use a pair of CDJs with Scratch Live, you will need at least 3 available USB ports. If you don’t have 3 ports available you may be able to connect your CDJs to a powered USB hub. It is however, important to always connect your Scratch Live hardware directly to your computer.

1. Connect your Scratch Live hardware as per normal into an available USB port on your computer.

2. Connect the CDJ to your computer via USB cable or USB hub.

3. Open Scratch Live 2.5.

4. Press the LINK button on the CDJ-2000nexus.

5. Press the Scroll Knob to connect to the computer.

6. Use the Scroll Knob to choose which virtual deck you wish the CDJ-2000nexus to control.

7. Set the virtual deck in Scratch Live to Internal mode (INT).

Once your CDJ-2000nexus is connected, the Serato music library and track information is instantly browsable on the CDJ’s color screen and dedicated hardware controls. Including tracks, crates, full color album artwork, track overviews and cue/loop points.

Your CDJ-2000nexus can also be used to play regular CDs. To do this just connect the CDJs audio outs (RCA) to your Scratch Live hardware as you would your regular CD players.

If you want to know more then have a read of the official Quickstart Guide.

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