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Published Jun 7, 2013

For a fiery performance of German Grammy Award-winning DJ, musician and record producer Paul van Dyk, Managing Director for DMX Productions SJ Grevett used Chauvet lights and various pieces of TRUSST® in creative combinations to build the “PVD” logo at a grand scale on stage. Paul Van Dyk performed at the HMV Institute as opening act during a Godskitchen event.

“TRUSST® is very solid, I find it very handy and easy to assemble, and offers great flexibility in the many ways you can combine it,” SJ said.

To build the V-shaped structure at the center of the stage, SJ used four one-meter TRUSST® sticks, two three-meter TRUSST® sticks for the cross section, a single scaffolding bar, one TRUSST® book corner and single poles.
Four 2-meter TRUSST® sticks were flown above the audience in the mid-section of the venue and each carried three CHAUVET® Professional Legend™ 412 pixel-mapping moving yokes for captivating eye-candy effects. “I love the pixel mapping function the Legend™ 412 offers,” SJ said. “I use them at various events because they are bright and delivery a huge impact with a tiny footprint.”

SJ placed 12 CHAUVET® DJ COLORband™ PiX linear lights on the DJ booth, for video effects and animations when multiple units are used together. COLORband™ PiX also features individual control over 12 flicker-free tri-colored LEDs, which allows for custom looks. “COLORband™ PiX is a phenomenal fixture,” SJ said. “It’s incredibly bright, I enjoy pixel-mapping it, and brings a lot of value to the show each time.”

Gear list:
12 x CHAUVET® Professional Legend™ 412
4 x TRUSST® CT290-410S (1m Truss Stick)
4 x TRUSST® CT290-420S (2m Truss Stick)
2 x TRUSST® CT290-430S (3m Truss Stick)
1 x TRUSST® CT290-490C (1 Book Corner) 

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