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Palmer Noise Aid Kit

Published May 14, 2009
Palmer Noise Aid Kit

Do you have issues with humming in your audio setup? Then the Palmer Noise Aid is the ideal solution. With this kit the search for the cause and the elimination of hum problems becomes easy. A simple and easy to understand guide make this procedure easy.

For Music stores
Customers can borrow the “Noise Aid Kit” and take it home (or to their Studio, practice room etc.).  The included guide will then lead them through simple steps to allocate the cause of the problem and advise a suitable box to solve the problem. The customer can of course also simply try out the different boxes until the problem is solved. Complicated explanations and questions in your store can be avoided. Instead the customer will return with useful information or even a box that solves his problem.

For installations and audio engineers
With this Box you are well equipped for all cases. 

Tags: ground loop, , Palmer

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