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Published Jan 18, 2008

Numark, the world’s leading manufacturer of products for the DJ market, announces immediate shipment of Fit For Sound, the first rack-mountable music player to include pro-grade sound delivery, a Universal Dock for iPod, large, easy-to-read buttons, and a remote control with lanyard.

Fit For Sound delivers high performance audio playback and an Integrated Universal Dock for iPod in a rugged 2U rack-mount enclosure. For fitness instructors, gym owners, or installation professionals servicing bars, restaurants, or large stadiums, Fit For Sound is the ideal rack-mounted solution for iPod music playback.


Fit For Sound was designed to meet the demanding needs of both small and large professional venues. Large, easy-to-read controls, RCA jacks and balanced, pro-grade XLR outputs make this the ultimate rack-mountable iPod-driven player. The unit is perfect for a wide variety of applications, and appeals to everyone from aerobics instructors wanting full control of the music for their workout routines, to live sound engineers and gigging musicians who need high-quality music playback between sets.

Key features include:


- Large transport controls and selection wheel

- XLR balanced and RCA (x2) unbalanced outputs

- 19" rack-mountable design

- Infrared remote control with lanyard

- Large, easy-to-use navigation buttons

- Solid steel, industrial construction

MixMeister Express software is included with Fit For Sound, and takes the guesswork out of creating custom remixes. MixMeister Express:

- Creates pro-quality mixes, with beat-mixed transitions between songs that sound great.

- Makes a song slower or faster to achieve the tempo you need, without changing pitch

- Trims long songs down to size or remix short songs to make them last longer

- Adds one-click special effects for even more fun ways to blend songs together

- Creates a full-length mix CD and exports your mix for iPod or other portable audio players


Fit For Sound is the perfect solution for quick, easy iPod playback in any venue and is currently available from most musical instrument retailers.

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