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NAMM 2004 Hercules® unveils MP3 DJ Console

Published Jan 17, 2004
Today’s digital technology is creating a new type of DJ
-Bruno Ormel
Sound Business Unit Director at Hercules.

Hercules is delighted to demonstrate its new DJ Console, a revolutionary complete portable DJ controller and multichannel USB sound card for desktop/laptop PCs with no match in the worldwide market.

DJ Console is a great selection of fun DJ software now allows users to mix MP3s just like a night club DJ or turntablist. Hercules’ brings a tactile aspect of vinyl DJing to the digital world, that resulted in the development of this groundbreaking new MP3/WMA/CD interface. DJ Console gives DJs a great sense of control, providing the ultimate mixing experience with endless creative possibilities and opening up the field of DJing to a huge new audience. There’s never been such a powerful and complete DJ tool available with this ease of use.

NAMM 2004 Hercules® unveils MP3 DJ Console-Spotlight

DJ Console is perfect for digital DJs and music fans right across the board:

- Aspiring or amateur home DJs can create their own real-time live music mixes and compilations with pro audio quality right on their desktop/laptop PC, perfecting their skills faster than with vinyl.
- MP3/digital music fans can enjoy smooth background music with professional-quality sound. MP3s have never sounded this good!
- Club DJs, FM/Internet radio DJs and DJs on a budget can now prepare their mixes faster and easier than ever before, going beyond the limitations of conventional turntables with additional features like looping, cueing, search functions and more. Users can access tens of thousands of their favorite digital tracks and find any title in seconds with no need to lug around hundreds of CDs or LPs.

Fun, easy and ergonomic mixing/scratching dual tactile unit
DJs can now instantly locate, play, mix, sample, loop, scratch and remix digital music – including MP3s, WMAs and CDs – with Hercules’ DJ Console and their desktop or laptop PC. Users will enjoy full hands-on control like a regular turntable with the smallest of learning curves, instead of using tedious keyboard shortcuts to control their major audio applications. DJ Console is also perfectly suited for use under low light conditions at parties thanks to at-a-glance LED mode indicators plus backlit and phosphorescent soft rubber keys.

DJ Console features:
· 2 vinyl-style jog wheels for spinning and scratching, with finger grips for rapid, accurate song searching or speed adjustment,
· 1 crossfader for seamless mixing between the two decks,
· 6 ergonomic potentiometers and bass/medium/treble controls for creative remixing on the fly,
· 2 rotary encoders and 2 sliders for tweaking volume or changing the speed of music (pitch/master tempo) in real time,
· 28 buttons to play/pause songs, speed music up or down for accurate mixing (pitch bend), add effects, cue points (song positions) and loops on the fly, skip through tracks backwards or forwards, rewind or fast forward and more,
· A soft rubber ministick provides mouse emulation or allows for special DJ FX control.

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