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MyMusicSite.com CEO and Music Industry Veteran Gives Away FREE Book

Published Mar 7, 2009
Brad Turk

MyMusicSite.com, an interactive Web site that acts as a medium for music talent to independently promote and sell their own songs, albums, production tracks, ringtones and more, but without the restricting chains of a traditional record label, today announced it will feature a link to self-help book Lifemoney: The Proven System for Creating the Money You NEED for the Life You WANT, by Brad Turk, CEO of MyMusicSite.com, for free for a limited time on its homepage – (http://www.bradturk.com/free_stuff.php, click on the “Get Free Stuff” button in the left sidebar, case sensitive password: drcZbo). 

A self-made millionaire before the age of 30 (by implementing the attributes outlined in the book), Turk was able to amass wealth and success by creating self-formed businesses. Turk’s latest endeavor, MyMusicSite.com, was launched in early 2008 to help independent artists launch their music careers independently. He feels this book supplements the tools and tips revealed on the Web site and can be used as a primer to help others fulfill their dreams for success – both the Web site and book download are free for a limited time. Released by BenBella Books, Lifemoney challenges readers to first determine what they want from life and how to get it.

Lifemoney gives readers a blueprint for success in all facets of life, not just monetary. Whether it’s a housewife with a newborn baby who dreams about the perfect family, a musician who dreams of being a rock star or an executive looking to ascend to the next level of career success, this book can help readers define their goals and set them on the straight and narrow path to accomplishing them,” said Turk. “My ventures aim to help others make their dreams come true, like mine did. MyMusicSite.com is an avenue for independent artists to showcase their talent, promote their music, find producers and mixes, make a profit, and take their careers as far as they want – and this book will aid in their determination to make their dreams come true.” 

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