May 31, 2023

Microsoft’s Zune House Archi-Entertains Chauvet

Published Sep 30, 2008

By day Microsoft’s Zune L.A. is a workspace and the marketing launch pad for Zune products; but by night California’s who’s who of the music, art and event-planning world take over the facility to enjoy multi-media, mojitos and music.

Global marketing for Zune, Microsoft’s answer to the iPod, is headed by Chris Stephenson who calls the space “a clubhouse for the creative community in L.A. – a place for people to gather and connect.”

Nights, it hosts by-invitation-only networking events for L.A.’s creative crowd as well as corporate-sponsored affairs that expose clients and attendees to the latest trends in art, design and music.

Called in to “bring warmth and dynamic lighting to the project”, CHAUVET® dealer and installer Scott Ramsey of Broadcast Support, Inc. said he selected LED products as they fit the bill for their coloring abilities and the savings in energy they afford. The entire space is strewn with fixtures, but the main concentration of LED lighting fixtures is in the uniquely round performance space. All told, the installation features 10 Q-Wash™ LED 36’s, 60 LEDsplash™ Jr’s, 6 COLORado™ 1’s and a D-Fi™ Wireless DMX system. Integrating a lighting system to reflect the proper tone for creative gatherings was key, said Jamaal Layne, Zune L.A.’s Event Manager. “With the LED lighting provided by CHAUVET, they have created and control the atmosphere and warmth of the space.”

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