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MegaSeg 5.8 DJ Over 120 Improvements and New MIDI Presets

Published Feb 16, 2012
MegaSeg 5

Fidelity Media, creators of MegaSeg, the DJ and broadcast automation system made exclusively for Mac, today announced the availability of MegaSeg 5.8 DJ and Pro Editions. The free update for MegaSeg 5 users delivers over 120 improvements in all areas of the app, including new MIDI presets for the VMS2 and VMS4 controllers from American Audio, better cover art support, sharper text and interface refinements, bottom pinned info popups, smoother Wave Mixer cueing and scratching, fader-independent Automatic Gain Control, faster iTunes playlist access, expanded drag-n-drop support, lower latency mic play-thru, as well as various improvements to Events, Scheduler, Hot Keys, Request List, Rules, Library Tools, Video, Streaming, Logging, Syncing, and a revised User's Guide.


MegaSeg 5.8 Highlights:

  •   * New MIDI presets for American Audio's VMS2 and VMS4 controllers, with options for creating multiple custom presets, new looping and control functions, and support for high-res jog wheels.
  •   * New fader-independent Auto Volume Control function.
  •   * Smoother multi-touch Wave Viewer for visual beatmixing.
  •   * iTunes acquired album artwork is fully supported.
  •   * Sharper interface text, and refined list headers and scrollbars.
  •   * Wider red play marks and edge-pinned track info popups.
  •   * Decks support direct Finder file drops and other drag-n-drop improvements.
  •   * iTunes playlists open faster, supports multi-selection, type-to-select, and has a refresh button.
  •   * Revised User's Guide with new info, screenshots, and concise examples.
  •   * Lower latency Mic Play-Thru with faster volume ducking.
  •   * Hot Key Sound Effects adds a "Same as Next Song (Preview)" output option.
  •   * Request List notes can be edited and supports multiple selection.
  •   * New Library Tools function to convert artist name order.
  •   * Stream playback optimized on OS X Lion.


About MegaSeg Pro and DJ Editions

MegaSeg Pro provides many advanced features for pro DJs and VJs, radio and TV stations, and hospitality businesses such as restaurants and hotels. It incorporates video playback for ambient visuals, hot keys for instant sound effects, automated music scheduling, ad messaging events, track separation rules, request lists, and much more.


The DJ Edition offers unique live mixing features including visual beat syncing with multi-touch trackpad control, headphone outputs for preview, MIDI support, automatic volume, advanced categorization, track logging, and fully integrated iTunes playlists compatible with protected iTunes music.

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