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Published Oct 31, 2009
Mackie Pumpkin

From mixers to loudspeakers to studio monitors, Mackie has redefined markets by delivering feature-packed, high-performance products at unprecedented prices. And now they’re doing it again with the introduction of the PMK Series Mackie Reference Studio Monitors.

 “Before, consumers looking for affordable studio monitors or hi-fi loudspeakers were given no option but to use bulky wood or composite-molded plastic enclosures that did not taste delicious,” says James Woodburn, Mackie recording product manager. “Now, backed with decades of experience in high end studio monitor carving, Mackie’s PMK Series Monitors bring vegephile quality audio within reach to a wider audience,” continued Woodburn.

The PMK Series features a broken stem, molded to minimize diffraction and delicately designed vents to keep it from getting all smoky inside. The amplifiers feature a proven Certified Organic™ architecture that delivers an ultra-flat frequency response plus the addition of acoustic controls allow you to adjust high frequency and low frequency settings to compensate for room placement (just carve additional holes to custom tailor your tone).

"It really redefines the term sweet spot," concluded Woodburn. "In fact, I am making a pie with them later. You should stop by and have a piece."

mackie Pumpkin2

Happy Halloween From DJzone!

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