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American DJ and American Audio Introduce Mobile Enabled Parts Site

Published Dec 2, 2010

The new American DJ and American Audio mobile enabled part site represents the latest in digital technology, giving customers 24/7 access to replacement parts from their smart phones, iPads and other mobile devices. Yet at the same time, the new site ( also is in keeping with a time-honored commitment for the 25-year old company.

"Ever since this company was founded, it's built its reputation on providing DJs and other end users with excellent service after the sale," said Scott Davies, General Manager of American DJ and American Audio. "A big part of our service philosophy has been to make sure that end-users always have ready access to replacement parts like lamps, fuses and anything else they needed. "

In the early years, said Davies, meeting this commitment meant staffing phone lines. Now, with smart phones project to outsell laptops and PCs in 2012 according to a Morgan Stanley report, it means reaching out to customers through a mobile enabled site. 

"We live in a mobile age," said Davies. "Most of our customers have smart phones, and those that don't will soon be getting them. All the statistics I've seen indicate smart phone will out-number standard feature phones by the end of 2011. As a service-driven company, we want to reach our customers in the way that works best for them - and for a rapidly growing number of customers this means through smart mobile technology."

End-users will find it easy to browse and easy to order from the American DJ and American Audio parts site through their smart phones and iPads. The new site is also very accessible from any laptop or PC over the Internet. 

Once on the site, users will find it quick and convenient to order lamps, bulbs, motors, fuses, capacitators and other replacement parts for their American DJ light fixtures and American Audio gear.  The site also makes it easy for end users to view their parts orders and shipping information and make secure payment for parts. 

"American DJ and American Audio are committed to staying on the cutting edge of technology for our customers," said Davies. "This means coming out with the most advanced products in our industry, but our commitment doesn't stop there - it also means using technology to help us excel in service after the sale."  

For more information on the new mobile enabled parts site visit or contact American DJ at 1-800-322-6337.

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