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iDJNow Opens Hearts For Healing Newtown

Published May 17, 2013


iDJNow has opened up their hearts and wallets to help the Healing Newtown organization.

In the wake of December 14th, HealingNewtown was created to facilitate, support, and coordinate all arts-focused efforts made on Newtown’s behalf today, tomorrow and into the future.  The project is managed by the Newtown Cultural Arts Commission and supported by The Town of Newtown, The Cultural Alliance of Western CT and The Connecticut Office of the Arts.

As Newtown and the Sandy Hook Community work through the many stages of healing we invite you to visit this site often to learn how you can help and how to become part of our arts healing process.

HealingNewtown's Goals:

1.  To manage and program arts healing efforts;

2.  Coordinate the overwhelming response from the national and international arts community in regards to the  tragedy;

3.  To develop a sustainable operation for long-term healing through arts-based efforts.

iDJNow is offering a free t-shirt to anyone who donates $25 or more through our website or any of our locations. Its a wonderful organization. For more information about them, click here:

Anyone can make a donation and get a free shirt by going here:

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