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I-Key Shows The HDR-7 Field Recorder AT NAMM

Published Jan 18, 2009
I-Key HDR-7 Field Recorder

The HDR-7 is a portable digital recorder with a full color LCD screen that can be taken anywhere. The HDR-7 is perfect for recording interviews, pod-casts, meetings, class lectures and seminars, and also live performances.

The HDR-7 features two studio-quality condenser microphones configured to an X/Y pattern to get the highest stereo quality recording. With the HDR-7, you can record your media with crisp and sharp sound quality. It also has 1/8” mic input as well as 1/8” input/output jacks for additional input devices to record from and record out or output your recorded media.

The HDR-7 records on an SD memory card, a 1 GB SD card is included with the unit to record and also allows you to directly transfer your recorded audio easily via USB 2.0 to your computer or recording software for editing or mixing.

The HDR-7 offers you the choice to record as an MP3 with up to 320kbps or as a WAV format with 44.1kHz/16-bit mode (CD Quality) of pure sound quality. The HDR-7 also allows you to listen to your recorded media instantly. This is great for Singer/songwriters, musicians, or have the ability to listen to a recorded live performance or meeting/class lecture.

AC adapter, USB cable, 1GB SD memory card, and 4 AA batteries are included with this unit.

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