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Hosa Unveils New Cable Tester

Published Jun 14, 2012
CBT-500 Cable Tester

Hosa Technology is introducing the CBT-500 Cable Tester. Designed to quickly and easily check a variety of cable types, the new CBT-500 Cable Tester enables one to verify the integrity of a cable before interconnecting equipment- The CBT-500 makes an invaluable addition to one's "tools of the trade" and is ideal for use when preparing for a concert, a studio recording session, or an installation as well as checking cables afterwards in order to ensure working operation the next time.

The new CBT-500 Cable Tester makes testing a wide range of cables commonly encountered in the music/ pro audio environment a snap. The compact, handheld unit is capable of testing the following cable terminations: XLR (3-pin and 5-pin); Balanced and unbalanced phone (standard guitar-type cable); Phono (RCA); speakON (with support for 2-pole, 4-pole, and 8-pole connectors); DIN (multi-pin, including 5-pin DIN commonly used for MIDI equipment); Ethernet (RJ-45); USB Type A to Type B (standard USB to the square USB connector found on most audio interfaces)

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