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Published Nov 2, 2009
Guitar Center

Guitar Center today announced a nationwide, two-week food drive that will begin at all of its retail locations on November 1st. Each Guitar Center store will donate all food collected during the drive to a local food bank in hopes of easing the national hunger issue, while garnering grassroots community support to build upon their efforts.
All of Guitar Center's 214 retail locations will participate in the food drive to benefit 124 local food banks. As a special thanks, anyone who donates a non-perishable item will receive a coupon for 10% off their next Guitar Center purchase. A full list of participating food banks and Guitar Center locations is available at www.guitarcenter.com

"We're launching this campaign on a national level--using the power and reach of all of our locations--to make a measurable difference on a local level," said Gene Joly, Executive Vice President of Guitar Center Stores. "It is incredibly important for us to truly make an impact, especially around the holidays, and we're confident that we can accomplish that with the support and participation of people eager to affect real change in their community."

Guitar Center is also supporting the effort with a multi-tiered marketing campaign--including presence in the Guitar Center buyer's guide with a circulation over 1 million, targeted in-store promotion with signage and in-store audio, a full online promotional push, as well as a public relations initiative which is being launched to drive additional awareness and participation.

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