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Global Truss America Issues Statement Regarding Brand Name

Published Jun 27, 2011
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In the wake of a competitor issuing claims that it is the authorized distributor of Global Truss products in the United States and Canada, Global Truss America has issued the following statement.

“It has come to Global Truss’s attention that a competitor is attempting to play off Global Truss’s hard earned name and reputation as the premier entertainment trussing provider in the Americas.  This particular competitor has even recently taken to informing customers and dealers that they are now the “sole and exclusive” authorized Global Truss distributor in the United States and Canada. 

“The absurdity and clear falsehood in this statement can easily be seen by anyone who simply types into their browser or the words “global truss” in their search engine.  The company who supports that web site is Global Truss America, LLC.  Products are available for sale and purchase.  Global Truss continues to sell and distribute its products to customers.  Consumers should not be fooled by these absurd statements by an infringer. 

“Global Truss and its design are federally registered trademarks in the United States to Global Truss America, LLC.  These federal registrations clearly make Global Truss America the sole and exclusive authorized seller of Global Truss products in the United States.  Copies of these federal registrations are attached to this statement.  Further copies can be found on the web site in the United States Trademark Office.  The Global Truss trademarks are filed by Global Truss America, LLC throughout the Americas. 

“Global Truss America, LLC is an American DJ company.  American DJ maintains a strict policy of pursuing any and all infringers of its intellectual property.  Global Truss and the American DJ Group are cooperating with law enforcement to pursue the perpetrators of these illegal acts.  Anyone who attempts to distribute infringing products from any party other than Global Truss should be aware of their potential liability in this regard. 

“In December 2010, Global Truss America learned that GLP (German Light Products), and its manager, Mr. Mark Ravenhill, made an arrangement with one of Global Truss America’s factories to purchase unauthorized products for importation into the United States in violation of Global Truss America’s rights and US law.  GLP and Mr. Ravenhill have been sued in United States District Court for the Central District of California, Case No. CV 11-168 SJO (SSx).  Global Truss America no longer does business with that Chinese Factory.   Global Truss expects to achieve a substantial judgment against those parties at the conclusion of the case.  

“Customers should also be aware that the truss product being sold by GLP is not authorized by Global Truss.  Global Truss America does not warrant those products if they fail and will not accept them for return or replacement.”   

For more information or to purchase genuine and authorized Global Truss products, contact Global Truss’ Ken Kahn at (323) 415-6225 or email

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